Kidpreneur$’ Weekend Bazaar @ Swimin12 Raya Carnival (May 23)

Participate in our exciting Kidpreneurs’ Weekend Bazaar, where children can make a pitch, sell their product, and learn real-world skills while learning about business! Open to children aged 5 to 17! My FirstSeed is a unique kidpreneurs platform, instead of attending boring classes, the kidpreneurs get on-the-job experience in a kid-friendly real-world environment and have […]

Entrepreneur’d @ Kidpreneur$’ Weekend Bazaar

A celebration of our Kidpreneurs’ auction & their story of entrepreneurship. After months of bazaars and building beautiful products for sale. Each child is on stage with ONE (1) STAR PRODUCT & their stories of entrepreneurship, prototyping, pitching, work, failure, success, profits, and losses. It’s all about them! Emcees, Auctioneers, Storytellers, TruthSlingers, Hosts – all […]